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(Manheim PA) Electric Chain Hoist equipped with Smart Limit technology from Harrington Hoists, Inc. is the moniker of new technology in industrial hoists that allow operators to set hoist limits directly from the pendent. Industry Visions Industrial News reports, the key ingredient for success, is the need for greater speed and accuracy in industrial manufacturing. High output manufacturing operations have a new boost from technology developed by Harrington Hoists, Inc. that is increasing production for plant managers requiring precise product positioning. Industrial assembly line operations achieve higher quota levels with greater speed and accuracy with this new technology from Harrington Hoists, Inc. 

In the past, hoist manufacturers have forced users to set limits inside the hoist body, which means lifting operations must cease production while the hoist limits are calibrated and reset. The NER Dual Speed Electric Chain Hoist with Smart Limit technology from Harrington is ideal for any application that requires repeated, precise, user defined limits. The Smart Limit includes a soft stop feature near the limits that is accurate within .4”. There is never a need to stop production to change a limit position or to accommodate a different process.

Vice President of Business Development, Bret Lussow, enthusiastically demonstrated Harrington’s new technology for Industry Visions Industrial News. “The NER Dual Speed Electric Chain Hoist with Smart Limit technology is the first of its kind and it will dramatically improve production methods and extend equipment life,’ commented Lussow. ‘In addition, the hoist is equipped with a secondary paddle limit switch mechanism that stops a hoist hook in the event it reaches the hoist body. Harrington engineers have now developed Smart Limit technology that eliminates stress on the hoist chain, motor and gearbox by adding these two additional hoist limits that are programmable at the hoist pendant. The great benefit of this new feature is that the hoist limits, either up or down, can be easily set, which benefits certain applications. Let’s assume I have a plating operation where I want to submerse a basket of parts without submersing the chain and hoist hook. Rather than stop production to reset internal limits, Harrington lets the operator do it on the pendant. The operator simply stops the bottom hook at the desired level, engages the emergency stop button, then holds the up or down button for 5 seconds to set the desired Smart Limit. The Smart Limit allows production to continue without interruption. This is another industry first from Harrington on our NER Dual Speed Electric Chain Hoist models. It’s another innovation that gives industry notice to join the Harrington Revolution”  

Harrington Hoists Inc. is a KITO Group company and operates US manufacturing facilities in Manheim PA, Elizabethtown PA, and Corona CA. Harrington also distributes hoist and crane products in South America under the KITO brand. Industry Visions Industrial News spotlights endeavors of American industry on WVSN Reports. Contact: WVSN Reports – Allyn Mark 810-358-6224

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